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Since 1870, Hassan al-Nimrasi started this trade by selling pottery and copper through the markets that were held in major cities weekly. These markets were the only way to sell and exchange goods. At that time it was not a shop system

  • Our History

    Al Nomrosy Family is one of the oldest families known in Household Trading.
    Since 1870, Hassan Al Nomrosy has been trading that industry through the sale of crockery and copper through the markets, that were held weekly in major cities.
    These Markets were the only way for sale and exchange of goods at that time, as shops known now was not available except in limited areas such as ” Ghoroia” and “Khan el-Khalili”.
    With the business expansion of Hassan Al Nomrosy, he has bought a large land in the major city of Mahalla in the area named later as ” Al Sahareeg “, then “Saad Zaghloul”. Thus, He made it a permanent home for his crockery and copper business.
    In the early twentieth century, Sons of Hassan Al Nomrosy built the first store for Household trading with a roof, walls and doors at that time.
    Sons and grandsons continued in the expansion and development of their trade, In addition, They had opened several shops in the same area, and other places such ” Al Bahlawan “in Mahalla al Kubra in the 40s of the last century, and then “Al – Abbasi” area in 1958 and 1989 Hassan Al Nomrosy(||). “Awqaf buildings” branch in 1999, and that branch is considered on the finest and largest shows in Delta region, and Egypt in general. It is a contiguous set of exhibitions to exhibit the finest conclusion reached by the world in the field of Householding, Najaf, antiques, encaustics and some pieces of furniture.
    Al Nomrosy institution is considered one of the most important importers of household appliances, and Crystal from several countries in Europe and Asia as well. More over it is the sole agent for the largest factories in that field.
    Above all, Al Nomrosy foundation holds the largest share ever in the Egyptian market in the field of antiques and gifts, as it is considered the most important importer from several countries such as India, Chia, Turkey and Vietnam.
    Through five generations and nearly hundred and fifty years, We have been and still seeking for your appreciation as we pledged to your fathers, grandfathers and, God willing, your sons.
  • Our Present

    Company is considered the sole agent in Egypt for many companies and factories in Dining sets field (THUN Czech factory – ARC Philippine factory – Chinese ORATECH company – SHIBATA Japanese – BOHEMIA PORCLAN Czech) and in the Crystal field ( Crystal GLAMOR company – NB Inc.)
    In field service kits and spoons (DALPER Portuguese company – NARIN Turkish)
    In the field of Pans and pots (AMT German company, which is considered one of the most important cooking pots manufacturers in the world)
    In addition, Al Nomrosy company is the No. 1 importer in Egypt in the field of antiques and gifts.
  • Our future

    The company plans to acquire many international manufactures agencies in the field of home appliances from the Republic of Sri Lanka, Italy, Thailand, on the external level, and internally after we opened our branch in Downtown Alexandria (Vpejano) and branch HOMI at Orouba Mall – Carrefour Tanta and branch (laCouquette) at Egypt Mall at 6th of October.

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